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Dane Shakespear

Dane Shakespear

Principal Owner
International Marketing Consultant


Zonadd Global Product Development was founded by a partnership between entrepreneurs in the United States and product manufacturers in China. 

Dane Shakespear has been instrumental in developing,  rebranding and refining problematic products for Zonadd clients.  When things weren’t going right, we’d seek his help.

Dane has rescued, reclaimed, and recovered products and brands that were unable to get off the ground or dying from lack of sales or serious product flaws.

We’ve valued Dane’s ability to fix tough problems in global marketing, so we offered him an ownership stake in our company.  We’re happy to welcome Dane to our team.

Dane has spent his career of over 25 years leveraging technology and psychology through digital marketing to promote high-cost products and services worldwide.

Dane has consulted for small mom and pop shops, to the world’s large corporations, but enjoys working with the smaller, more entrepreneurial clients “that’s where the excitement is.” he says.