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Our Services .

We help American brands find quality manufacturers for their products, inventions, and prototypes in the East Asian market.

We help Asian manufacturers sell their own brands and products in American markets, online, and direct distribution channels.

Product Sourcing

We work with Quality East Asian Manufacturers who can build and deliver products you can be proud of – at competitive prices.

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Product Development

We take products to the next level. Whether established, struggling or just an idea, we help people with ideas and products make their dreams a reality. 

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Product Marketing

If you’re having difficulty selling your products online, we can help. We help Asian manufacturers rebrand, Americanize and sell their products online. We can help you too.

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Product Fulfillment

We provide product fulfillment for our clients’ products to households in the US in 1-2 days – and average 3 days shipping for freight-sized, heavy and oversized boxes. We have private bulk shipping rates with FedEx, UPS, and USPS and can provide scheduled/timed Amazon FBA stock replenishment.

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Zonadd Global Shipping Fulfillment

Our Story .

We’re passionate about awesome products. We’ve spent the past 10 years building businesses around products of our own. During that time we’ve learned (often the hard way) what works, and what doesn’t in sourcing and manufacturing products in China, Vietnam, and India.

We’ve developed relationships with the best, most reputable and quality manufacturers available – companies who build products for Apple, Nike, Coleman, L.L. Bean, Levi Strauss, Converse, Ray-Ban, and other household names.

We’ve built, sourced, marketed, and shipped products such as:

  • Fabric printing & textiles
  • Wood fabrication
  • Metal fabrication
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Sewn Products
  • Printing & packaging
  • Chemical compounds & oils
  • Pet foods & suppliments
  • Glass products
  • Printed Products
  • Clothing & shoes
  • Sunglasses & eyewear


We’ve learned on our own dime (we’re not learning on yours) to get down to what works and what doesn’t in the complex world of sourcing, developing, and marketing products from China, Vietnam, and India. 

We’ve learned the most efficient ways to get a product idea from an idea on paper, to the product of your dreams in your own hands – in the fastest time, for the lowest cost, while maintaining the highest quality possible.

We use our resources, our contacts, and our experience to help you:

  • Bypass the middlemen
  • Get better pricing
  • Get higher quality products
  • Streamline communications
  • Bridge the language barrier
  • Overcome distance & cultural barriers

We’ve been to the top of the mountain and back again and again. We’ll guide you too.

We’re very picky about who we do business with, both as clients and manufacturing sources.  All prospective clients must go through a telephone discovery interview with one of our principal partners before we take on any new client or product.  Time and resources limit the number of clients we can accept at one time.

Our Work .

Here are a few of our recent projects we're working on for our clients. We love working with clients who are passionate about their ideas, their products, and their brands. If you want to source products from China, Vietnam or India - you've found the right place.

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We love great product ideas

News .

Whether you're new to product development, sourcing and manufacturing out of country, or an established brand looking to expand your line and play a bigger game - we've written some articles you'll find interesting. We find this business incredibly fascinating - you will too.
  • Packaging for Container Shipping

    Designing packaging for your products takes more than just getting it into a box for shipping and making them look good.  If you haven’t thought about how your packing/boxes will be used during all phases of your shipping, you will come to find out on your first shipment how much damage can occur in the container.

  • Your Product Will be Judged by Its Packaging

    Your customer’s first experience with your product.

    Packaging. It’s one of the last and least thought out aspects of product design, but it has a significant impact on how the customer perceives, reacts, and values what’s inside.

    Think about it.  When you buy something online, and it is delivered to your door, the first real experience you have with the product is the way it is packaged. (more…)

  • Pitfalls of Prototyping – Back and Forth Between Continents

    One of the most frustrating things about getting your products manufactured in China, India, Vietnam, or even Mexico is the time and distance when sending prototypes back and forth for adjustments or modification – not to mention the language and cultural barriers.

    We’ve found that clients who come to us after working with other companies or who work directly with manufacturers themselves, spend (more…)

  • Zonadd Product Fulfillment

    Zonadd Product Fulfillment

    When you build out a new company or product, and all the marketing and sales bear fruit, that’s when most businesses and products drop the ball – at product fulfillment.  They’re looking for the next customer, and the next, and the next, all the while people who paid good money are waiting patiently for their product to arrive intact and on time. (more…)

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We find this business incredibly fascinating - you will too.

Testimonials .

  • I had a product idea but didn’t have any idea how to get it produced. Every place I tried in the US was too costly to be profitable, so I decided to try China. Dan was able to get several prototypes made in Chinese factories so I could see exactly what I was going to get. The revision process was simple and I was able to hold the exact product in my hands before I committed to spending my life savings on manufacturing. Zonadd has been a lifesaver and deliverer of dreams! They helped me refine my brand and created my online store and Amazon site. I am extremely pleased with what they have done for me.

    Alicia Grant
  • I went through 3 product sourcing reps to find a clothing manufacturer for my camo line, but after a ton of headache, heartache, grief, time and money, I was still nowhere. The time it took to get samples, prototypes, refinements, etc. was excruciating. And to top it all off, when we received the first shipment it not only came six weeks late, and the zippers were not anywhere near what we had agreed to again and again. Zonadd stepped in and refined our prototype in the US to our exact specifications, and then supervised the manufacture of the second run in Tianjin. The results were amazing, not only in the quality of the product but their communication and speed. They also cut my shipping time from 60 days on the water to 16! I only wish I would have started with them in the beginning.

    Mike Cameron
    Owner, Trident Camo
  • Zonadd took our struggling product line, refined the products, rebranded the image, stopped the bleeding on our online sales and Amazon FBA stores. They were able to turn around and stabilize our brand and fix our online presence and Amazon listings. We’re now beginning to sell profitably.

    Eric Dick
    Owner of From the Avenue Brands
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