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Black Rifle Gun Oil

Product Information

Black Rifle Gun Oil is a specialized firearm lubrication that bonds to steel at a molecular level to provide an insanely slick surface that lasts in extreme temperatures and extreme environments. Black Rifle Gun Oil won’t become sticky in the cold, nor will it run in the heat. The proprietary formula reduces carbon build up and keeps actions of automatic & semi-automatic weapons running like a machine.

For Black Rifle Gun Oil, we rebranded the product, redesigned the packaging, altered the product coloring to make it more appealing in the bottle, and upgraded the bottle to a custom PET plastic bottle with needle point applicator.

The oil formulation is produced in China and shipped in bulk to the bottling and packaging center where the bottle is screen printed by roller, filled with the oil formula, capped, heat sealed, packaged and crated onto pallets for shipping.  Shipping is done in small batches through international carriers as well as in bulk through container shipping companies.

ClientBlack Rifle Gun Oil
SkillsProduct Design / Branding
Product Sourcing & Refinement
ProcessOil Formulation
Bottle Manufacturing
Bottle Printing
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Black Rifle Gun Oil

Product Rebranding

Logo update from dated homemade style to modern design more readable on printed bottles.

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Rebrand - After

Rebrand - Before