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Firearm Firstaid & GunFAK

A unique product came to us after their oil supplier’s successful rebranding and repackaging through us.  The product was being produced in small batches one at a time with packaging elements found online, home printed labels, and clear plastic pouches.  We re-designed their logo, chose and sourced black resealable mylar pouches and bright contrasting colors that looked good in the black packaging. The product is produced completely in China and includes 3ml gun oil, cleaner, protectant – boar’s hair brush, alcohol wipes, nylon brush, and cotton wipes – all of which were sourced and combined into the final packaging.

ClientFirearm Firstaid & GunFAK
ProcessRebranding & Design
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Product Refinement
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The GunFAK was born in the flood waters of hurricane Harvey and Irma when rescuers found after wading through water day after day their personal firearms were nearly inoperable from sand and silt. After using dressings & ointments from first aid kits for cleaning – being the only things readily available, the need became apparent that anywhere there is a first-aid kit, there should be a GunFAK – an inexpensive, single/multiple use cleaning & lubrication system. If your life depends on your firearm, trust GunFAK.

Mylar Resealable Packaging

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