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ClientThe Chicken Coop Company
SkillsProduct Design

Project Description

The Chicken Coop Company builds quality backyard and urban chicken coops for families wanting to get into the chicken lifestyle. Our customers want their chicken coop to not only be sturdy and practical for raising chickens in their backyard but also to look good as a part of their yard and landscape. Our products also include egg gathering aprons, tee shirts, and accessories for the people who love chickens.

Zonadd assists The Chicken Coop Company with product engineering, packaging, marketing and fulfillment.  We also created simplified printed and video product assembly instructions, tee shirts, and sourced custom fabric printing, seamstresses for creating hand-sewn egg aprons and utility aprons.

Branding, Packaging & Marketing

Chicken Coop Engineering

Custom Fabric Design & Printing

Hand-Sewn Aprons & Tee Printing

Chicken Coop Accessories