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/ / / is an E-commerce site specializing in quality curated products for consumers with disposable income.

From The Avenue

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From The Avenue is a lifestyle brand targeting young moms who want fashionable products for their young children. The market is flooded with primary colors, ABC’s, cartoons, dinosaurs and all of the stereotypical baby and toddler themed products. Our brand is different. We specialize in developing products that are fashionable, upscale, and what modern moms […]

Black Rifle Gun Oil

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Black Rifle Gun Oil is a specialized firearm lubrication that bonds to steel at a molecular level to provide an insanely slick surface that lasts in extreme temperatures and extreme environments. Black Rifle Gun Oil won’t become sticky in the cold, nor will it run in the heat. The proprietary formula reduces carbon build up […]

Firearm Firstaid & GunFAK

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The GunFAK was born in the flood waters of hurricane Harvey and Irma when rescuers found after wading through water day after day their personal firearms were nearly inoperable from sand and silt. After using dressings & ointments from first aid kits for cleaning – being the only things readily available, the need became apparent […]

Trident Camo

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Trident water camo is a unique camouflage pattern that is visually appealing as well as practical use in camouflage products. The pattern can be regenerated in just about any base color for use as actual camouflage or as the base or background for any lifestyle product related to water, surfing, diving, sport fishing, etc.

Spearedit – Spearfishing Gear

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Spearedit spearfishing gear is used in oceans, rivers, high mountain lakes – you name it.  Wherever spearfishing exists, we’re there.. you can count on it. You’ll find our gear in some of the most remote and rugged environments in the world – places where your nearest competitor is a grizzly bear or a great white […]